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The images in this page are in HD and they are of quality (1080p, 4k). You can share the images on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.You can easily download them in the formats of JPEG, PNG, SVG etc. The images are resized into various dimensions like 480px, 720px, 1080px, 1080x1080, 600px, 1080p, 1200x720px. The images are 100% safe to download without any fear of virus attacks. You can share this page with your friends and family members, so that they can download the wallpapers too. The woman has been arrested and taken to custody by the Sartakur police in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.The FIR has been lodged under sections of kidnapping, rape and torture.Sometime between 11:30 am and 12 pm, five men arrived in a black SUV and forced the woman into the vehicle, where they gang-raped her. They also attacked her with sharp objects, including a knife and a sickle. On Monday, they drugged her into unconsciousness, tied her up and threw her into a nearby culvert. She was then left to bleed for at least two hours, local media reports.The woman’s dog was also allegedly tied up and tortured before the suspects left.The main suspect in the case is a construction worker with a criminal record, media reports stated.2019-08-17T20:00:00-04:002019-08-23T23:00:00-04:00 a family-friendly holiday party with dozens of family-friendly, creative, and delicious recipes from Chicago chefs on a Thursday night in August. Since 2007, we've hosted a holiday party that gets everyone in the spirit, but lets you do your own thing when you f... Party Hosted by Asian Recipe Mama at Posh Regional Kitchens543 W. Ontario St, Chicago, Illinois 60654Posh Regional Kitchens 2019-08-17T12:00:00-04

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